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Hair Loss Associations and Organizations - is an independent clearinghouse for information about Dutasteride also known Avodart, Avolve, GI198745, GG745 or Duagen. - A listing of top hair transplant doctors and information about the latest surgical hair restoration techniques. Features free online transplant consultations with hair doctors from around the world. - A general hair loss site with hair loss experts and the latest articles on hair loss and hair transplants

International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons - Consumer organization devoted to helping patients find skilled and ethical doctors performing hair transplant surgery.
The Bald Truth - Consumer hair loss resource. Includes broadcast information for the nationally syndicated "Bald Truth" radio program.
Hair Transplant Advisor - Valuable hair transplant information for the prospective hair restoration patient - What is a hair transplant? How many grafts will I need?
New hair transplant & hair loss technology discovered-IHTI Forum - A place to discover all the different choices with modern hair transplant technology, and to avoid bad decisions with hair restoration and hair loss. Discuss with doctors and real patients about the cutting edge methods which allow for the most natural, non-pluggy, non scarring look.
American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons - provides background on the history and wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery
American Academy of Dermatology - Information on dermatologists
International Society of Hair Restoration - Transplant surgery information
National Alopecia Areata Foundation - Info on Alopecia Areata
Alt.baldspot - An internet usenet newsgroup for hair loss issues
Medline - National Library of Medicine
US Patent Office - record of patents on drugs and everything else
Hair Loss - Search for hair loss and hair transplant related articles
Hair Loss Patient Guide - Provides educational hair loss and hair transplant information to both men and women
Hair Loss Central - Hair Loss Central is a shopping guide and search engine for hair loss products and services. Contents include: hair growth treatments, hair loss concealers, toupee, wigs, hairpieces, vitamins for hair loss, hair care tips and hair transplant surgeon's directory.
Hair Loss & Transplants info at IHTI - The Preferred Choice to Avoid Strip Scars with Hair Transplants, Performed By The Expert Surgeon Dr Cole using The FIT (Follicular Isolation Technique) method with body hair providing the patient rapid recovery, minimal intrusion and incredible density.
Commercial hair loss sites - A very comprehensive resource on all types of hair loss run by hair loss researcher Kevin McElwee, Ph.D. - One stop shop for hair loss products - Official Propecia web site - Official Rogaine web site
Peter Proctor, PhD, MD - Maker of Proxiphen, Nano, and Proxiphen-N hair loss treatments
Regrowth Clinic - Official site of Dr Richard Lee's Xandrox hair loss products
New Hair Institute - Transplant clinic specializing in follicular unit hair transplantation
Community Drug - Mail order pharmacy that makes custom hair loss formulations
DrugsRus - Suppliers of generic proscar and other prescription hair loss products - Online hair loss videos and transplant videos
Hair Loss Q&A - A guide to stop baldness and regrow hair for men and women. Including hair loss treatments and hair care products links.
Hair Loss Net - Online store sells hair loss and growth solutions, vitamin supplements, hair care shampoos and cosmetic remedies for male pattern baldness and female thinning hair.
Fabao Canada Hair Loss Shop - Provides a wide variety of hair loss treatments, hair care, beauty and health products.
ThymuSkin Canada - Revolutionary German products developed to stop hair loss. Proven succesful in placebo controlled, double-blind studies for growing new hair. Canadian distributor, delivery worldwide.
Hair Loss Book - information on hair loss. Topics include: hair loss in men and women, non-surgical treatments for hair loss, surgical treatments for hair loss and common drugs that cause hair loss.
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